Chicken Shorbha: Chicken Shorbha that beats phlegm! The ultimate winter comfort food!

required things

Onion – 1 finely chopped

Oil – 1 Tablespoon

Ingredients for making shorpa masala

Onions – a handful

Coriander – a handful

(Grind these ingredients in a mixer jar)


Heat oil in a cooker and saute onions.

Along with that, add the cleaned chicken and saute.

Add ground masala paste to these. Add required amount of salt and turmeric powder, cover the cooker and take it after 6 whistles.

Hot, steaming chicken shorpa is ready. If you make this and eat it in winter, it is good for cold and relieves colds and coughs in winter.

Benefits of eating chicken

Medicine for depression

Chicken contains tryptophan and amino acid. Both of these help in the secretion of serotonin in the body. It’s a chemical that cheers up your mood.

Vitamins and minerals in it help in brain activity

Contains vitamin B12 and choline. It helps the brain development of children. It also helps the nervous system. Provides memory to the elderly.

Easy to eat

Chicken is easy to eat. Better to bite and swallow. Full of flavor. It is high in protein.

Strengthens the calf muscles

It contains high quality protein. 30 grams of protein helps in muscle growth.

Strengthens bones

The protein in it helps in bone health.

Helps in heart health

Rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps in heart health.

Helps to lose weight

Rich in protein. It lowers blood sugar levels. Helps in weight management.

Chicken should be cooked completely. Eat properly. Only then can food borne diseases be cured. Always make sure to cook it at 165 degrees. It helps cure cold and cough. It is zinc and protein that gives immunity.

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