Health: Do you need a doctor if you eat this one fruit every day? don’t know this?

As far as apples are concerned, you must not eat their seeds. The reason is that it is poisonous. Even if the seed is eaten, it will not be digested.

Similarly, the skin of an apple is coated with wax to make it look shiny. So only after removing it, you should eat the apple.

As for apples, apples contain malic acid. It plays an important role in the detoxification process in our body.

 In addition, malic acid can be used to detoxify all parts of the body from the mouth. 

This malic acid is able to prevent problems to our liver. The malic acid in this apple can prevent problems such as dry mouth, difficulty in swallowing, and irritation in people with diabetes. 

This malic acid is not only found in apples but also in grapes, watermelon, jerry fruits, and carrots. This malic acid also prevents kidney stones. 

This malic acid is also good for our skin health. Malic acid is also very good for hair health. Apples contain 7.7 percent malic acid. Next to malic acid, the most important acid present in apples is succinic acid. 

This acid reduces the problem related to acidity in the stomach. This succinic acid is present in the creams we use on our faces. This succinic acid reduces a kind of irritation that women experience during menstruation. 

The mineral nutrients available from apples also protect us from cancer. Similarly, this apple protects our body from diabetes and heart diseases.

 200 grams of apple contains 104 calories of starch, 28 grams of fiber, and 10 percent of the vitamins required by the body. 

Similarly, copper 6 percent, potassium 5 percent, vitamin K 4 percent are available. 

Apples contain a fiber called betaine. It is soluble. It helps keep our intestines healthy. Similarly, people with asthma can also eat this fruit 

It also reduces stress-related problems in the brain and memory.

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