Strength of teeth, health of body

The appearance and development of teeth depends on the development of bones, which are the main building blocks of the body. For example, baby teeth start to erupt when the baby starts crawling by pressing the knee to the floor. Almost all teeth erupt when you start walking with your feet (feet) on the ground. After birth, the formation of bones (which we will discuss in detail when we talk about bones) is complete and at the age of seven or eight, the milk teeth fall out and the permanent teeth appear to complete the number. At the age of twenty-eight to thirty-two, the wisdom teeth finally appear at the stage when the growth of bones and flesh is complete.

Is it good to brush your teeth?

It is our kidneys that make and maintain teeth. It is enough to take care of our kidneys to take care of our teeth. You can find out when you look at kidney care.

To take care of the teeth, we must first understand that brushing twice or thrice a day with a brush-paste can cause damage to the teeth. This is because the unnatural chemical compound in the toothpaste can destroy the brightness of the tooth. Then let’s see what harmful elements are present in the toothpaste we use daily. First we need to understand the basic fact that the alkalinity in our saliva is cleaning our teeth every second.

Although the food that you eat may not dissolve the enamel on the tooth, gargling with plain water an hour or two after eating will flush it out. Similarly, the fiber, fish pin, etc. stuck in the tooth is also persistent and will come out on its own even if we do nothing.

Dental defects

In order to maintain good teeth, we need to pay close attention to maintaining our body’s thermal balance. Our genes and our parents’ constitutions determine the shape and arrangement of teeth. However, after the tooth falls out and erupts at the age of eight, the teeth protrude forward, its firmness, its gap, caries, breakage, tooth decay, swelling of the gums, bleeding gums, drainage of pus, etc. are not caused by brushing or lack of care. On the other hand, the waste that accumulates in the stomach, spleen, kidney, and even the colon can cause our teeth to become deformed. Similarly, the strength, weakness, ability to accept food etc. of the tooth varies according to water quality and temperature.

The tooth is a peripheral organ of the kidney. But the care of all organs is important in maintaining the mobility of the tooth, its shape and stability. If we learn to protect our teeth, we can take care of our whole body properly.

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