Joint Pain – Multiple Ways to Beat It

Arthritis can be nipped in the bud with combination medicine, physical training, and mental training. Renewing a worn joint is as difficult as sprouting a scorched seed. But understand that pain can be reduced. It is possible to prevent an already worn joint from further wear. It requires continuous effort.

Individual efforts

1. Walking: Due to heavy weight and heavy walking, wear and tear on the joints can increase day by day. Hence, proper diet and exercise should be learned under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

Pain relievers

Do not keep swallowing pain pills if you have arthritis. There should always be a sense of caution that doing this can cause anything from severe stomach ulcers to kidney failure. Relying solely on pain medication for arthritis can become the story of trusting a mud horse into a river.

Some pills may help relieve arthritis pain a little. Although these do not cause any change in the disease, they can reduce joint wear and tear and provide nutrients to the joint membranes. Therefore, pain pills are not the primary remedy for joint pain.

Some people may benefit from an intra-articular injection of a steroid (a) specially formulated for this purpose. However, it has many side effects and should be taken under the guidance of a qualified physician

Standard treatment

There are many types of physiotherapy. Joint strengthening exercises, electrotherapy, waxing etc. Such treatments can reduce joint pain, relax muscle stiffness and normalize joint movement. Some of the salves and potions available in Siddha medicine can produce unique results. Consult qualified Siddha doctors.

Who needs surgery?

People who suffer from chronic joint pain
People who do not get enough benefit from pain relievers
People who cannot sit flat on the floor or walk long distances
People who have bent legs and stumble when walking

Qualifications for surgery

1. Must have good physical fitness
2. Must have good mental attitude and motivation. Don’t be afraid to take on anything.
3. Eating a balanced diet and not being overweight is ideal
4. Should not expect to walk or run after surgery
5. Should have age appropriate expectations

Types of surgery

1. Osteotomy
2. Partial Joint Replacement
3. Total Joint Replacement This method of treatment gives excellent results for hip-knee arthritis. Many people have some kind of fear and hesitation when it comes to surgery. It is unnecessary.

What can be done?

Although arthritis is the adversary of aging, there are a number of holistic medical treatments for it. Relying only on pills, fake advertisements or blind treatments can paralyze life. To get relief from joint pain, lifestyle, diet, traditional therapy, exercise and yoga practice should be preferred from a young age.

Joint replacement surgery in excess of lakhs is carried out free of cost in government approved private and government hospitals under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Medical Insurance Scheme. So people suffering from chronic arthritis can undergo joint replacement surgery without fear.

People with joint pain should note…

* Third leg i.e. cane, walker etc. should be used without regret. This will reduce the stress on the joint and help in reducing the pain
* Also choose soft and suitable shoes.
* Avoid sitting on the floor and climbing stairs.
* People with neck pain should avoid the high-height pillow and use a low-height pillow.
* People with back pain should avoid traveling for hours on end. Do not sit for long hours and lose yourself in television.

Bone-boosting foods

* Paneer, dairy products
* Green vegetables, greens, sour fruits
* Small grains, nuts
* Fish – especially sea fish, eggs
* Calcium rich food is not enough to strengthen bones, protein is also required. Do not forget that protein is necessary for 50 percent of bone formation.

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