Cause of Sinus

Low immunity, environmental pollution and allergies are the three main causes of sinus problems. Bacterial, viral and fungal infections can also cause sinus problems when you catch a cold. The presence of the median bony arch that bisects the nasal cavity and the growth of nasal tissue called ‘polyps’ trigger this problem.

Inflammation is fundamental

When infectious germs from polluted air enter the sinus chamber, the ‘mucous membrane’ there swells and becomes inflamed. Due to this, excess lymph fluid is secreted and exits through the nose. It is the same if you catch a cold, get allergic due to dust or smoke, eat something very cold, walk in snow, or stay wet for a long time in the rain.

As the inflammation in the sinus chamber increases and the flesh grows in the nose, this water can block the nose. Then they will continue to suck their nose. This increases the pressure in the sinus chamber and worsens the situation.

What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms of sinus infection include frequent sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, and headache. Touching the areas below the eyes, chin and forehead hurts. Bending the head increases the weight of the head. These are accompanied by fever, sore throat, coughing at night, and fatigue.

What are the tests?

A facial X-ray, CT scan, or MRI may be used to diagnose sinus problems. Let’s take a scan. Nasal endoscopy (Nasa#endoscopy) can now accurately predict sinus infections. Along with these, general interest blood tests, allergy tests and mucus tests are also required.

What is the treatment?

Since allergies are the main cause of this problem, the first thing to do is to treat the allergy. You can take some pills as prescribed by doctors to stop runny nose. To relieve nasal congestion, nasal drops can help in an emergency. But, it is not good to continue doing the same thing.

Drops may seem to provide initial relief. But, in the end, this will not provide relief. Instead, you can use a steroid nasal spray. It is important to use it for the duration prescribed by the doctor.

It is good to use tincture of benzoin, menthol, eucalyptus medicine etc. to relieve nasal congestion and steam in the morning and at night. This will loosen the mucus in the nose and drain it easily. If an infection is suspected, appropriate antibiotics should be administered.

Endoscopy can help!

With the help of endoscopy, a modern treatment method called ‘Balloon sinuplasty’ can provide complete relief.

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