Leftover Oil Reuse: See how to use leftover oil after frying!

Recipes that are usually fried in oil are loved by many people all over the world. Many people like to eat such foods frequently. However, nutritionists say that cooking oil left over after deep frying should not be reused. 

Because using that oil again can lead to heart diseases, brain diseases, liver diseases, diabetes and cancer. Many people strain the oil and use it for cooking. Doing so will harm your health. If that oil cannot be disposed of, it can be used in several ways. Now let’s see how to use the remaining oil after frying.

1. Strain the fried oil and put it in a spray bottle. A few drops of liquid fennel should also be mixed in that oil. Add some more water. Spray the mixture well on the plants to repel insects. This will save the plants with the remaining oil.

2. You can use this leftover cooking oil to make soap at home. Oil contains natural fats. These are used to make soap. You can see how to make soap with cooking oil on YouTube. The remaining cooking oil can be reused without disposal.

3. Outdoor lighting is beautiful. There are many people who put agal lamp in the middle of the plants. It is better to use cooking oil for those lamps. The strained oil is put in glass vessels and lit as lamps and kept in the house for attraction. Also there is a possibility that the lamp will burn for a long time due to cooking oil. Because it is slow burning.

4. Leftover cooking oil after deep frying can be used as a natural conditioner. Rub some oil on a cloth and rub it on shoes, bags, furniture, car seats, etc. to remove stains and dirt. Try this once.

5. Rusting of iron products is natural. Used cooking oil has corrosion resistance. Use leftover cooking oil for such appliances. Due to this, moisture does not accumulate there and does not rust. Used cooking oil can be used to preserve iron.

6. When you go somewhere for a picnic, if you pour cooking oil on the camp fire, it will catch fire quickly. For the first time you can start a fire with leftover cooking oil. Frying oils can be used in a number of ways. But again it is better to avoid using that oil for cooking food 

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