Water for thirst

The food we eat is extracted into essence (1). Blood is formed from essence (2). Once enough blood is formed to carry energy to the body, it becomes flesh (3). After we decide that we have enough flesh for our movement, it is converted into fat (4). The adipose bone and bone marrow (6) are formed based on their size and ability to produce sperm/ovum (7).

Almost half of these seven subsequent functions are related to the kidneys. That’s why in today’s age of increasing diseases, we hear the words like kidney bailer, kidney transplantation, kidney stone, dialysis etc. again and again.

Maintenance is essential

The kidney is also associated with diabetes, which is prevalent today. Back pain after the age of forty may be directly or indirectly related to the kidneys. So, we should always be diligent in kidney maintenance.
Kidney care is not about taking pills every now and then or drinking five liters of water daily as WhatsApp experts say. The kidney is not a ceramic cup to be washed with water.

It is biological material. A living machine that runs without the order of our external consciousness. Even a sip of water that we drink until the sensation of thirst does not touch our tongue becomes an extra workload for the kidneys. Not only that we should not drink water without feeling thirsty, it is also necessary for us to pay attention to whether the water we drink is the water that gives energy to the kidneys.

What is good water?

Today, plastic putty water with the label of big companies has penetrated to the inner villages. All the water we drink that we think is safe is lifeless, lifeless sap water. We don’t need to do any experiments to establish that all putty water is inanimate. Water in plastic cans never gets algae. The worm does not beat.

When poured into the mouth, it does not go straight down and if it slips down the inside of the mouth and the teeth as if it were brushed with gum, it is good water. If the throat feels dry or hot within a couple of minutes after drinking, it means that the water is not beneficial for the kidneys. When you urinate, if you feel a sense of freedom and a sense of rapid separation of urine, it can be understood that it is water that has given energy to the kidneys.

The nectar of rain water

It is rainy season. If it rains (?) ten minutes after it starts to rain, try drinking the water that falls from the clean roof surface to clear the air pollution. In a friend’s house, everyone drinks stored rainwater throughout the year. Cooking in rainwater, bathing in rainwater, washing clothes in rainwater is rainwater. If it is true that they catch colds in rainwater, they should hold and shake them daily. But he says that rainwater is the reason why he and his son got rid of colds and asthma. The term rainwater amlixtham is true for all three seasons.

An overworked kidney

The kidney is responsible for purifying the waste blood of our body 24 hours a day and transporting good blood to the heart. It can purify the blood completely only if it can purify the blood and purify itself properly. In an unconscious or comatose person with distended viscera, the urethra is left in a separate pouch outside the bladder.

You may have seen urine dripping down the tube. What we need to understand in this is that the kidney is doing its work as a black eye even though the liver for food, digestive movement, and brain function cannot work with full energy according to the external movement of the body.

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