Appetite preventing fruits and vegetables

Now many people are determined to eat natural food like fruits and vegetables. But, it is important to choose and eat fruits and vegetables properly. If not, you’ll be hungry again within an hour of eating them. Here is a list of some of the fruits and vegetables that give you the satisfaction of having a full stomach.


Bananas are great for instantly restoring the body’s energy. They are rich in two nutrients namely potassium and vitamin-B6. Bananas contain nutrients that are packed in a runner’s sports drink. Although this fruit is higher in calories than other fruits, its unique features make it an instant filling fruit. Bananas are naturally high in fiber. Also, green bananas have anti-starch properties. Hence, it achieves slightly delayed digestion. This feature fills your belly without turning into fat, say nutritionists.


There can be no one who doesn’t like watermelon. Drinking watermelon juice will give you an instant feeling of fullness. Because just like drinking water does not make you feel hungry immediately, drinking watermelon juice does not make you feel hungry immediately. Watermelon is 94 percent water. The extra water content in it gives a feeling of fullness after eating.

Also, vitamins A, C and potassium present in it help the health of the body. Lycopene, an antioxidant in watermelon, prevents heart diseases, cancerous tumors, etc. Although this fruit is low in fiber, you can eat as much of it as you like.


Dates can be said to be a wonderful dessert. Date syrup has antimicrobial properties. Dates contain not only calories, but also sugar; It is also high in fiber. Compared to other sweetened foods, the fibrous nature of dates slows digestion. Thus, after eating it, the stomach feels full.


Carrots are also important vegetables that can fill the stomach. A moderately sweet vegetable. It is the fiber present in carrots that gives a full stomach after eating. Also, since the vitamin A present in carrots is good for eyesight, it can be given regularly not only to adults but also to children.


Half a cup of lentils has eight grams of protein. The protein and fiber content in pulses naturally make them a filling food. Also, pulses help in reducing cholesterol levels, reducing body weight and controlling heart diseases. Pulses play an important role in the instant hunger pangs.


Nutritionists say that the saying ‘If you eat an apple a day, you don’t need to go to the doctor’ is true. As apples are rich in fiber and water, they give an immediate feeling of fullness after eating them. In addition, a study suggests that the soluble fiber called ‘pectin’ (pectin) in apples can suppress appetite. This fiber called pectin also makes apples a unique fruit. Experts say that slowly biting into an apple gives you the satisfaction of a full stomach.


Potatoes continue to be in controversy due to various reasons including weight gain. But eating fried potatoes and eating them with butter, cream etc. adds weight. Nutritionists say that eating potatoes cooked normally is healthy. Potatoes are high in fiber. Also, it is high in carbohydrates. Eating potatoes without frying gives the body the fiber it needs and also fills the stomach.


Good to eat when hungry in the evening. Berries Avoid snacks like chips and eat a large bowl of fruits like strawberries when you feel hungry in the evening. Since these fruits are not high in calories, you can eat them three or four times a day without fear of gaining weight. Berries have anti-inflammatory properties at the cellular level.

Besides, berries also prevent problems like obesity and heart diseases. These fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, so eating them gives you energy and a full stomach.


Cauliflower is one of the most versatile vegetables. It can be eaten either fried or boiled. Along with fiber, it also contains nutrients including vitamins C and K. Cauliflower prevents the formation of heart disease and cancer.

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