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Neck pain is the most common problem for middle-aged people today. Doctors call it ‘Cervical Spondylitis’. Until a quarter of a century ago, this disease was confined to the elderly. Now it is happening to 20 year olds and young women too.


The main cause of neck pain is fatigue of the muscles in the neck area. Then the neck cannot be supported by them. Its manifestation is neck pain. Lifting heavy loads on the head and keeping the neck in one position for long periods of time can lay the foundation for this type of neck pain. The next type of neck pain is caused by wear and tear of the tissue between the vertebrae.

Usually at the age of forty this tissue begins to fade. But, even at a young age, these begin to wear off. The reason is that these people work while sitting now more and more. Examples of this include working in front of the computer for long periods of time, watching television for hours on end, reading while lying down, watching television while lying down, and sleeping with a crooked neck. Sleeping with multiple pillows on your head, commuting for hours to work, and sleeping while sitting up while traveling are all factors that pave the way for neck pain.

Nowadays many people talk on cell phones even while riding two-wheelers. Then they tilt their necks to one side and talk. This bad habit eventually causes neck pain. Frequent travel on potholed roads can also quickly bring on neck pain.

People who do not exercise and do not have neck muscles get stiff very quickly. It used to occur at age 50. But now this disease has become a disease of the youth as this tightness occurs in the age of 20 for today’s younger society without manual labor. If there is an infection in the glands in the throat, the pain will be felt in the neck. If you have a fever and can’t move your neck as if it’s tilted to one side, this is more likely to be the cause.

Apart from these, neck pain can also be caused by hitting the neck, dislocating the neck bone while playing. Another cause of neck pain is a heart attack. When a heart attack occurs, it is commonly thought that the pain is in the chest. Not so. It spreads to the neck along with chest pain. At the same time, if you get pain in the neck, don’t be afraid that it could be a heart attack. Try moving your neck in different directions when you have neck pain. If the pain increases or decreases, if the stiffness of the neck decreases, you can know that it is not a heart attack.


Cervical spondylitis initially causes pain only in the neck. Then the pain spreads to the shoulder. Pain in arms. The pain may radiate to the fingers. Some people also experience numbness in their hands and fingers. Day by day, turning the neck will cause neck pain and dizziness.


X-ray, CT and MRI scans of the neck can be used to diagnose the disease.


Early neck pain can be treated with simple pain relievers. If the disease persists, as per the advice of the doctor, wearing a neck strap, putting ‘Traxon’ on the neck, physiotherapy will give good results.

Prevention methods

Always practice sitting, standing and walking upright. Avoid sitting in the back seat as much as possible when traveling in buses. Avoid sitting up and sleeping on trips. Sleep with head tilted back when not possible or necessary. Do not watch television for more than one and a half hours continuously.

Computer users should ensure that the screen is at eye level. If you have to look at the screen with your head raised, neck pain is sure. The neck should be avoided for a long time in the same position. For example, when reading, looking at the computer or watching television, you should turn your neck to rest every 20 minutes.

Do not work with your head bent for long periods of time. Example – Tailors. Use a soft pillow. Sleep as your neck and head are comfortable. Don’t lift too much weight. Use a small pillow while sleeping. Consume milk, eggs, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Take care not to gain weight. Do some form of exercise every day like walking, swimming, cycling. It is also good to do neck strengthening exercises. Slow down when traveling on two-wheelers on bad roads and speed breakers. Neck Sprains Neck sprains can be caused by sudden twisting of the neck, vibrating movements, heavy lifting, rapid head movements and turning of the head.

Sprains are a habit of many people. This is wrong. There is a danger in taking sprains like this. The reason is that if the tissue in the neck bone is detached and the neck is sprained because of it, the disease will be aggravated by the sprain. Instead, the sprain will heal with complete rest of the neck. You can also apply pain-relieving ointments and massage gently. Pain reliever pills and injections can be used. Physiotherapy can be done.

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