Omam protects the stomach

* Some people are weak no matter how much they eat to gain strength. Boiling Omam in water and adding palm jaggery to it and drinking it in the morning will strengthen the body.

* People with indigestion can drink half of 100 grams of Omam by adding 1 liter of water.

* To get rid of smoke in the throat, take equal amount of Omam, Mustard skin, Mukkadugu, Sidtarathi, Agrakaram, Tippili root powder and add half of Panangankudu to it and eat it in the morning and evening.

* To get rid of dullness, you can mix the root bark of Omam, Suku, Chitramula into powder, add mustard powder and mix it with buttermilk and drink it.

* Oma kashaya can be taken to stimulate appetite.

* Omam – 252 gm, Aadathodaich juice – 136 gm, Ginger juice – 136 gm, Palarasam – 136 gm, Mint juice – 136 gm, Induppu – 34 gm. If eaten, cough will be cured.

* Powdered Omam and rubbed on the scalp will reduce colds.

* Omapodi wrapped in a cloth and consumed will relieve nasal congestion.

* Applying oma oil available in local drugstores to joint pain will eventually heal the pain. Dip a cotton ball in the oil and press it on the tooth to relieve toothache.

* Boil four pieces of pineapple and two spoons of omum powder in water every night before going to sleep to reduce belly fat and cover it after boiling. If you wake up in the morning and drink it, the belly will disappear in 15 days.

* Add equal amount of cumin and cumin, fry in a pan without burning, add a pinch of salt and grind it in a ‘mixer’. 20 minutes after eating, a tablespoon, piled up, to eat the stomach lining will flow. Make your children and yourself healthy and live a long and pleasant life by using Omam.

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