Food is medicine for the stomach

Oral and intestinal tract diseases should be avoided. Especially those who have chest irritation, resistance, indigestion problems should follow the following tips:

* Always avoid high fat, oily food

* After waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth, make it a habit to eat some fruit

* Avoid too much salt, spices, sour, etc.

* Make sure that the diet contains enough vitamins, minerals and fiber

* Stop eating and drinking three hours before going to bed

* After eating, do not run away, do not scream, always sit upright without slouching

* Belly people should lose weight

* Choose the right diet for the diseases – with the help of appropriate dietitians and doctors.

* Stop alcohol consumption and smoking.

* Don’t wear tight clothes, especially tight jeans.

* Always eat a nutritious balanced diet

* There is no need for feasting and fasting in old age.

The following foods are good for people with stomach and intestinal tract problems

Cumin water as drinking water
Curry leaves, Coriander
Inclusion of banana stem, cantaloupe and gourd once a week in the diet will help in removing unnecessary intestinal tract waste products.

Make sure your daily diet includes the following

Any type of fruit (seasonal fruits suitable for our soil). Fruits we forgot like naratham, orange, tamarind
any pinch vegetable – dark green greens (bannakanni, pasala, moringa). People with digestive disorders can take it as soup
If digestion is good then you can eat pulses and nuts in required quantity (peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts)
with ghee (5 to 10 ml per day)
buttermilk from unfermented butter
honey, Fresh water (not good to drink on empty stomach), lemon juice (in between meals)
Know digestibility and drink milk
Make sure there is milk in lunch

In old age, the liver and intestinal tract naturally tend to degenerate. There may also be various diseases. He may have taken various medicines for it. Due to this, gastrointestinal and intestinal tract problems will continue. Understanding and eating food is important to overcome this and stay healthy. 

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