Food can strengthen bones

Osteoporosis can be diagnosed at an early stage. The ‘World Osteoporosis Institute’ has prepared a guideline for this. It is called ‘one minute osteoporosis risk test’.
We can tell if we have osteoporosis by answering the following questions:

Did your parent sustain a hip fracture from a fall or minor blow?
Have you suffered a broken bone from a fall or slight blow?
Did your period stop before age 45?
Has your height
decreased by more than three cm?
Are you a frequent drinker?
Are you in the habit of smoking more than 10 cigarettes daily?

(If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, you are more likely to have osteoporosis. Consult a qualified doctor)

How can osteoporosis be prevented?

By consuming adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin ‘D’ containing foods
Weight bearing exercise should be done to maintain strong muscles throughout life. It should be 30 to 45 minutes at least three days a week.
Walking training is essential, swimming training is best
Use of tobacco products and consumption of alcohol should be avoided.
To regulate the lifestyle with full attention.

Things to watch out for

Avoid dairy products while eating wheat foods, greens, and some types of beans. This is because the phytates and oxalate in milk prevent the stomach from absorbing the calcium in milk.
Medical nutrition therapy: Calcium and vitamin D can be taken only on doctor’s advice (don’t lose knowledge in the hype). There are good medicines for the problem. All you need to do is consult a qualified doctor.

How not to fall down?

Keep essentials within reach.
Suitable accessories can be used for work that requires frequent bending and standing. A small trolley can be used to transfer hot items from the oven to the dining table.
When walking outdoors
Use shoes with low heels
Wear warm shoes during rainy season
Use handrails when going up and down stairs
When walking, look at the ground instead of looking at the neighborhood
Walk only in well-lit areas.
Avoid carrying things in a handbag and use a shoulder bag
Feel free to use a walking stick when necessary
No need for superstitions related to osteoporosis. Because
Osteoporosis can be prevented
It can be cured after it occurs
A proper exercise and diet plan can help keep bones strong
Get your lifestyle right at a young age
Don’t self-medicate

Things to avoid

High salt – chips, bagged fried snacks etc. These reduce calcium content in the body and increase bone loss.
Too much pickle and salt is very wrong

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