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It is natural for us to be overly afraid of cancer, and with some justification, but the truth is that not all types of cancer need to be feared, including some that are completely curable.

Cancers of the lung and mouth commonly affect men. Subsequently, the incidence of prostate cancer has been found to be high. Statistics show that the number of people suffering from this cancer has increased by 220 percent since 1990. As it is, this disease does not come to young people. It occurs only in men above the age of sixty. Experts say that it occurs in men in their forties.

How to know?

Most cancers are less likely to be diagnosed early, especially prostate cancer. As the disease progresses, problems with urination and occasional bleeding may occur. If we ignore this as a result of old age, it can be disastrous.

It is necessary to get tested after reaching the age of fifty. There is no need to fear about this test, first a blood test called (PSA) should be done and after the diagnosis of the disease the above tests should be done.

Are our eating habits correct?

Basically food habits are associated with culture. Its modus operandi is different in the village and in the city, an oncologist and robotic surgeon, describes the relationship between this cancer and food habits; “Take Japan, where they follow a traditional diet like India. However, it has been revealed that the western diet is responsible for the increase in the disease there.

As is, emigrants from Japan to Western countries have this problem. Similar is the situation in India, and one of the main reasons is the increasing influence of western food on the eating habits of city dwellers. But the disease is less common among men living in villages and our traditional diet protects them. The problem of changing food patterns in urban areas needs to be addressed,” he says.

Status of India

In recent times there has been an awareness among people that they should have a full body checkup. As a result, it has been revealed that prostate cancer has increased. Last year, more than 45,000 prostate cancer cases were diagnosed in India alone.

According to the National Cancer Report, the disease is predicted to increase rapidly in 2020. This disease is more common in major cities of India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata.

How to prevent?

In order to prevent this growing cancer, we must first explain the existence of such a disease, in the case of prostate gland cancer, it can be completely cured if detected in its early stages and given appropriate treatment.

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