Salt needs attention

In fact, the kidney does not function with water supplied from the outside. It takes care of itself and does not need to drink water separately to keep it clean.
Drink water only when the body is overheated and thirsty. Many times when we are very tired or overheated our body needs a few minutes of rest and not a sudden burst of energy.

Waste that accumulates in the connection

Both heat and cold of the body are not only related to the two organs of watery kidney and heaty heart. When the body is overheated, there is a possibility of stomach ulcer and mouth ulcer due to drinking water without quenching thirst and relaxing. In general case it is called heat blister.

When the leg pain has increased to the point where it is impossible to walk, a medical check-up is done and the joints are drained of water. It is not actually water that is so taken. It is a bodily waste that accumulates in bone joints with water as the medium. It is not direct water that accumulates in bony joints and feet.

Air waste that is accumulated in excess becomes condensed and turns into liquid form to be expelled through the respiratory tract. The waste thus changed accumulates in the body’s motionless womb, shoulder and knee joints. Even more watery wastes are discharged from the living cell of the body towards the lower leg.

The waste that accumulates continuously causes the feet to lose their natural color and smoothness and the skin becomes dull and black. Some people don’t feel any pain even after having a needle pricked in this area. The reason is water beyond our life as mentioned above. This at some point spontaneously forms a cavity and oozes out as pale yellow or colorless viscous water.

It is the living cells near the waste area that push it out. A foot ulcer is also a part of chiropractic when watery waste accumulates in the feet. Kidney failure is not the only cause of piles. On the contrary, it must be understood that the digestive organs such as the stomach, small intestine, and lungs are not functioning at their full potential.

Water volume and urine volume

The amount of water to drink and the amount of urine output are not always in the right proportion. However, excessive thirst and urge to urinate may indicate damage to other organs that are not directly related to the water in the body. Even when we don’t drink water, water is becoming a compound in our body. The kidneys use the water in the food they eat. The kidney also absorbs moisture from the air. Apart from the wateriness of the food, the salty taste also helps to keep the kidney functioning at a proper level.

Salt increases workload

When we say salt, we just abbreviate it to sodium chloride. Even if we take too much sodium chloride, we have to drink water to remove the excess form. Not just sodium chloride. Even if vital minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus etc. are added to the food, i.e., even if they continue to eat the same tasty food, the functions of the kidneys and the purifying workload of the nephrons will increase.

Let’s reduce the salt

When the sweat (waste) comes out of our bodies as salt, we should add salt to the food according to the need of the tongue. But we don’t cut down on salt even as our chances of sweating decrease. No other country uses as much salt as we do. Westerners and Chinese in particular do not add even a tenth of our salt. They do not add salt and other salty, sweet and sour flavors.

Compared to them we have a lot of manual labor, but our kidneys will thank us if we cut back on salt in line with mechanization. Fresh and moist greens, vegetables and meats all naturally contain salt. When we cook, if we add salt before cooking, there is no chance of the salt in the raw material coming out. When the cooking material is cooked, after the salt inside is released, finally taste it and add a small amount of salt.

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